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The Scofflaws are a Huntington, Long Island, New York-based third wave ska band that debuted in 1988. Known for their rambunctious live shows, technically proficient horn solos and tight arrangements, The Scofflaws were one of the top third wave ska acts of the '90s and one of the most beloved bands on the now-defunct Moon Ska label, as well as the center and focal point of the once-thriving Long Island ska scene.

The band originally performed as The New Bohemians, initially with a stronger emphasis on novelty ‘60s, R&B and television-show theme cover songs, bolstered by original ska-oriented anthems such as "Rudy's Back" and "Paul Getty". They sold the New Bohemians name to Geffen Records, who had just signed Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, in 1988, and regrouped as The Scofflaws.

The Scofflaws early sound was characterized by strong R&B and jazz influences as well as eclectic covers of such songs as Henry Mancini's "A Shot in the Dark", Danny Elfman's theme for Pee-wee's Big Adventure, and a scorching live rendition of The Skatalites instrumental "Ska-La Parisian". Original songs like "Ska-La-Carte", "Nude Beach" and "William Shatner" became cult favorites due to the offbeat lyrics and quirky vocal stylings of bandleader Richard "Sammy" Brooks and trombonist Buford O'Sullivan.

They toured the United States several times, including stints as the openers for Desmond Dekker and Bad Manners. In addition, they toured Europe in 1998 supporting Laurel Aitken & The New York Ska Jazz Ensemble.

The band's lineup saw frequent changes and served as a springboard for numerous New York ska musicians, as well as sprouting several spinoff groups. Original co-frontman Mike Drance left in 1994 to form The Bluebeats, while bassist Victor Rice went on to be a founding member of The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble and continue a career in music production. Several Scofflaws members including O'Sullivan, Paul Gebhardt, and Tony Calarco also played for fellow Moon Ska artists The Toasters as well as One Groovy Coconut and Royal Roost, and The Scofflaws have often shared members with Huntington disciples Spider Nick & the Maddogs (whose leader, "Spider Nick" Martielli, wrote Scofflaws favorite "Spider on My Bed").

Although The Scofflaws have not released a studio recording since 1998, Brooks continues to lead the band in live performances within the New York area.

Studio albums
1991: The Scofflaws
1995: Ska in Hi Fi
1998: Record of Convictions

Live albums
1996: Live! Vol. 1

1988: Ska Face: An All American Ska Compilation (US)/Ska-Ville USA Vol. 3 (UK) ("Rudy's Back")
1990: NYC Ska Live ("Going Back to Kingston", "Ali-Ska-Ba")
1995: Oi!/Skampilation Vol. No. 1 ("The Whip")
1995: Ska – The Third Wave ("After the Lights Go Down Low", "William Shatner")
1996: This Are Moon Ska ("William Shatner", "Nude Beach")
1997: Freedom Sounds: A Tribute to The Skatalites ("Dr. Ring-A-Ding")
1997: New York Beat Volume 2: Breaking and Entering ("Man With the Golden Arm")
1997: Ska: The Instrumentals ("Watermelon Man")


Richard "Sammy" Brooks – Lead vocals, tenor saxophone
Hector Lopez – Drums
Brian Duggan – Bass
Greg Bucking – Guitar
Jared Dubin – Trombone

Mike Drance – Baritone saxophone, vocals
Jennifer South – Keyboards
Dennis Langel – Guitar
Scott Miller – Drums
Johnny Brooks – Bass
Bill Grillo – Drums
Paul Gebhardt – Alto saxophone
Victor Rice – Bass
Buford O'Sullivan – Trombone, vocals, theremin
Brian Lavan – Guitar
Tony Mason – Drums
Kerry Lafferty – Keyboards
Ben Klingberg – Guitar
Cary Brown – Keyboards
Fred Reiter – Baritone saxophone
Regina Bellantese – Baritone saxophone
Wendy Scher – Baritone saxophone
Glen Saunders – Acoustic bass, electric bass
Tony Calarco – Baritone saxophone, alto saxophone
Jerica Rosenblum – Keyboards
Matthew Voss – Alto saxophone
Daniel Voss – Baritone saxophone
Jay Nugent – Guitar
Tom McGee – Bass
Jay Hackett – Guitar
Glenn Hackett – Drums
Adoni Xavier – Guitar
Henning – Drums
Steven Prisco - Guitar
John Soldo – Drums

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